Anant Khandelwal- Best Wedding Planner
Anant Khandelwal

Anant, the mind of IWP Weddings. Prompt and Perfect is how you see him always. Fun loving, cheerful yet sincere and principally correct. His dream is to make IWP brand to chase for. Weddings for him, is to celebrate the best day of your life. And he leaves no stone unturned to make it perfect till the last word. R & D is what he does the best for his job.

Kartika Sharma- Wedding Planner and Designer
Kartika Sharma

Kartika, the soul of IWP Weddings. Mostly behind the backstage but always available at any hour of the day. She completed her graduation in commerce & Pursued Event Management & PR from EMDI institute of Media & Communication. Specialized in Wedding Planning and Design, her mantra for life has been to be the best version of herself and constantly strive towards that.
She says “Key to success is nothing but key to failure is not to try”.

Sanya Singh- Indian Wedding Planners Team Member
Sanya Singh

The back office rock star. From emails to presentations, from design references to final checklist, she does it all. She is always on toes for any need at any hour of the day. She quoted, “On toes? I am mostly on my chair”.

Jitendra- Indian Wedding Planners Team Member
Jitendra AKA Jeetu

The one who can rightly be called as ‘JUGAADU’. From collections & payment to getting all the licenses done for every event, he can do ‘JUGAAD’ in everything. He is the jack of all the traits.

Indian Wedding Planners Team
Zee AKA Jimmy

The most adorable member of the team. There has been no site so far that he did not do recce of. Sometimes, he grabs more attention than the Bride & the Groom.