hospitality & Guest Management

Hospitality plays a vital role in any wedding. The marriage ceremony is elaborate nowadays and spans over a few days. Thus, suitable arrangements are required for both hospitality and transportation for your out of town guests.

By your hospitality, your guests will remember you warmly and thank you not only for an enjoyable time at the wedding, but also for a comfortable and pleasant stay. We provide and manage total hospitality section to make the entire wedding go smoothly for our clients and make their guests feel comfortable and at home.

Wedding Hospitality Management

We help you with:

  • Booking hotels, inns, guest houses etc for lodging of your guests as per the budget.
  • Arrange for various meals and snacks.
  • Keep a list of various accommodations and their occupants.
  • Placement of wedding collaterals.
  • Co-ordination with the Hotel for airport pick-up & drop facility.
  • Guest Arrivals and departure management.
  • Welcome desk & help lines at the Airport.
  • Hospitality desk set up at the Hotel lobbies.
Wedding Guest Management