Bridal Makeup's

Every bride dreams of her wedding day and wants to be at her best appearance on that particular day. Bridal makeup is an important part of bridal dressing. It’s very important to know about the right kind of bridal makeup that would suit the brides taste and skin tone.

Though Indian bridal makeup is a bit gorgeous with red and gold hues predominating but the makeup shouldn't be over the top and should naturally enhance the dewy radiance of the bride. Bridal makeup can effectively correct any imperfection or marks that the bride may have on her face. So over all bridal makeup forms an integral part of a bride’s repertoire.

Bridal Makeup

Each makeover includes cleansing, moisturizing, foundation to powder, blush, eyes, and lips. We use every up-to-the-minute, state-of-the-art technique available in the industry. From beginning to end, your makeover will achieve the perfection that any movie star would be proud to wear. Your beautiful makeup will last from your first photo, till your last dance.

Bridal Makeup on Wedding Day