Parsi weddings

Parsi Wedding Ceremony

Parsi marriage is known as 'Lagan' and is conducted with great zeal and fervor. The customs and traditions observed in the Parsi marriage are quite different from the traditional Hindu marriage. This makes them a lot more fun and interesting. The rituals performed during the wedding are quite simple and provide full opportunity for enjoyment. However, like other regional marriages, Parsi marriages also have a number of rituals which extend over a week.

For a Parsi wedding a stage is set in a baug or agiary, the Fire Temple. Here, before the groom steps on the stage, the bride's mother performs a ritual called Achumichu. She holds a tray containing a raw egg, supari, rice, coconut, dates and water. She circles all these items, except water, seven times around the groom's head and throws on the floor. The water is thrown on either side.

These Parsi weddings are renowned for their grand reception party. It is an ideal opportunity to experience the culture, dance, music and food of the community, at its best.